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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free RPG Day surprise bonus for shut-ins

For those lacking a local game store and bummed out about missing free stuff, I offer a mere palliative: for one day only, during my personal "store hours" (I'm open 'til 7pm Eastern time!) send me an email (gurnalon @ gmail dot com) and I'll send you a PDF of my mini-adventure Zogorion Lord of the Hippogriffs. So there. Not perfect, but I can at least say I've done my bit. To those who've already ordered the zine version (still available over at The Dungeon Dozen) thanks a million.

New zine-type stuff is currently in playtesting and will make its advent before too long. Yes, its taking forever, but we've been super busy doing art fact my "store hours" today will find me chained the drawing board desperately trying to tie up loose ends. This is why we're using the zine format but avoiding the "periodical" approach. John L.'s mini-adventure (which will be significantly more substantive than Zogorion) is looking pretty cool.

To those who are currently waiting for illustrations: thanks for your patience...we're working right now!