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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Adventurers probe away at the unknown, in defiance of their dungeon-honed instincts.

Matt Finch brings the weirdness with this remarkable new megamodule featuring the adventures Thone of the Toad King and Stone Cyst of the Shroom Priests. Besides being excellent, its got some pictures by yours truly. Go get! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Random NPCs

Roll 1d6!
Result: 1. Wizard-Lord Zandros Glorr: Nihilistic fighting-mage on a doom quest of self-destruction, adventuring recklessly to quiet the voices of his dark masters.

2. Kran Grizzlebeard: Savage tracker of the Saber-tooth clan: expert woodsman, fearless warrior, smilodon wrestler. Kran hopes to one day return to his clan with accumulated might and experience to usurp chiefdom from his depraved rival Frolax the Severer.

3. Sky Captain Brox Themeron: dirigible pilot, devout worshipper of the wind gods, needs men and gold to outfit expedition to the Cloud Mines of the Strato-lords.

4.  Kalimidos, Wizard of the Opaque Circle, recently discovered map yields the location of Lost Diurnia, the Sleeping City, and its most fabulous treasure, The Diamond Mind.

5. Ranger X:  A nameless wanderer whose memories have been erased by an unfortunate encounter with a Mind Eater. Formerly a man of enlightenment and serenity, his brain injury has made him prone to unpredictable barbarian-like rages.

6. All five have somehow formed a temporary alliance.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Bewilderer

 We're hard at work on new illustrations for a few exciting projects, so watch this space for vital updates over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for looking, everybody.