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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hurdling the Googolpede

Can't we humans all just get along?

Not even when there's Demon Wolves to worry about...

Bear-man from the Future

For Knockspell #5.

Born to lose...

Brave and noble Oothu volunteers to guide adventurers through the wilderness, seeking an entrance into the Underworld. Poor fellow doesn't realize he's an NPC.

Not your average wolf...

From Rob Conley's Scourge of the Demonwolf. Rob's blog:

Weird Wilderness Villainy

The Considerable Charms of Thrantrix

A weird demigod from Knockspell #5.

A Weird Wilderness Encounter Indeed


...a picturesque little hamlet, menaced by the forces of darkness. From Rob Conley's Scourge of the Demon Wolf supplement for Majestic Wilderlands.

Bad Guys

Slated to menace PCs in an adventure in Knockspell #5.

Fight On! #10 pics

From Weird Wilderness...

A semi-complete map from a mini-adventure in our upcoming source book.


A monster for Fight On! designed by Kesher.

Worst Case Scenario

Adventurers flee from the unspeakable Shaggath-Ka and his evil mermen minions in this shot from Knockspell #5.

Pegasus Unicorn

Not a gaming pic at all, rather this one was done for a local rock band with a superbly D&Dish name. There's an intellect devourer (tm WoTC) in there, so it sort of counts.

map sample

This map was originally intended to accompany the Font of Glee adventure in Knockspell #3, but didn't make the cut. The wilderness portion of that adventure makes a bit more sense with the map to reference...